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With Smart Rewards you get access to exclusive shopping centre offers at the stores you love.

Why use Smart Rewards?

Smart Rewards gives you access to exclusive discounts and rewards for just turning up at shopping centres. Yes that’s right, you don’t even have to purchase anything to get rewarded!

Amazing Discount

Just check in at your local Shopping Centre for exclusive Smart Rewards offers, from free parking to incredible discounts.

No purchase necessary

Just check in at any of the SmartReward shopping centres to receive SmartReward points to spend in store.

How does Smart Rewards work?

After downloading the app, you can instantly collect Smart Rewards by checking in at shopping centre locations around the UK. You can then spend points in store quickly and simply by redeeming your points against offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does data gets shared with retailers?

    All of the customer data get shared with retailers through an interactive dashboard, adjustable to different date ranges.

  • What phones does the app work with?

    Smart Rewards is compatible with any smart phone with iOS 4.4.0 and above or Android 6.2.3 and above.

  • How can customers download the app?

    Customers can download the app easily on AppStore for iOS and on Google Play for Android phones.

Meet Smart Rewards

The App that rewards you for the shopping you already do


These people LOVE ♥ Smart Rewards

Meet the people who are already getting rewards by using Smart Rewards

Andrew Morris

It’s very easy to use Smart Rewards. I just need to click one button and get discounts on shops I visit everyday.

Jessica Sweeney

My husband and I both downloaded Smart Rewards at the launch event in Mercury Mall and use it ever since frequently – he reminds me to open the app daily to collect more points!

Christina Smith

I just got a facial treatment for half price thanks to Smart Rewards, it was the perfect offer just in time for my upcoming wedding.

Amazing Rewards with the brands you love


Collect Points

Simply by checking in at the Shopping Centre


Spend Points

By redeeming points against stores offers


Get Notified

About new and exciting store offers


choose your native platform and get started


choose your native platform and get started

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