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Why should I deploy Smart Rewards?

Within the retail industry, three factors constantly influence a centre’s success.
Smart Rewards was built with these as foundations to secure better Footfall, Conversion rates and UPT for participating centres.


It all starts with increasing the number of potential customers in the shopping centre. With Smart Rewards rewarding visitors for simply walking in to the establishment, customers are incentivised to enter to start saving points, naturally leading to higher footfall and repeat business.


With more customers within the centre, Smart Rewards also helps translate this increase of traffic into a growth in transactions. By offering relevant offers to its visitors, both within app and through connecting to their social feeds, customers become more aware of the deals and offers within participating centre, driving higher rates of transactions and transforming footfall into sales.

Units per transaction (UPT)

Increasing UPT is essential within the retail sector to secure a steady stream of profitable purchases. Smart Rewards allows access to customer insights, meaning retailers can set their offers based on their customers’ buying trends. This can increase add-on purchases by helping retailers to understand what their customers buy and offering deals based around their customer’s previous purchases and encourage customers to purchase more items at reduced price.

Drive repeat business

With Smart Rewards customers get rewarded for visiting stores and shopping centres, the more they visit, the more points they score. This drives footfall and repeat business.

Push notifications of new offers

We’ll tell customers about your offer with push notifications. Each day we send aggregated push notifications with your stores offers on to bring ready to buy customers back in store.

Put your store on the map

With opening hours, contact details and a map pin, customers will easily be able to find your store through the app to claim their Smart Rewards and spend in store.

Marketed across network of websites

Your offers will be marketed across our network of websites, giving your offers exposure to new customers as well as existing.

Quick and simple offer redemption system

The Smart Rewards app allows customers to spend points in store by simply redeeming the offer and sharing a unique redemption transaction number with the til operative.

Get valuable insights

We’ll send you reports on customer activity, demographics, best performing offers, what time of day they shop and which offers suit which customers, so that you can optimise your offers.

Get the Smart Rewards app for your store

Enquiry today with the Smart Rewards team to talk about launching our loyalty scheme in your store today.

No systems integration necessary

The best part about Smart Rewards is you don’t need any system integration to get the benefit of using it. If your shopping centre is using the app, great, we can include you in the store directory.

Load offers quickly and simply

With the Smart Rewards Retail app you can load offers via any smart device, simply give the offer a title, description and points value, click go and you’re done! Told you it was easy.

What we offer

App setup and branding

We’ll handle all the technical side for you, including setting up the app, submitting to app stores and branding the app to your requirements. You’ll benefit from:

  • Fully branded app on Apple App Store and Google Play
  • No upfront development costs
  • Low monthly fee
  • Continuous updates and releases
  • Get offers displayed on your website with zero technical knowledge using the Smart Rewards Offer Widget
  • Help and assistance onboarding your retail stores

In-centre Smart Rewards Help Pods

We’ll help your customers to get started with Smart Rewards and get instant access to the latest offers available with our Smart Rewards Help Pods. Set up specifically to raise awareness, increase engagement and get people started, we’ve helped 1000s of customers to download, register and start earning reward points across the UK.

Appstore Search Optimisation (ASO)

We’ll optimise your tailored app to appear in related keyword listings for your location and shopping centre.

Connect with every visitor

Imagine being able to connect with every visitor to your shopping centre, on their phone, by email and on Facebook. Well with Smart Rewards you can.

  • Show promotions in their Facebook News Feed
  • Drive footfall with social sharing

Understand what offer resonates with specific demographics

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you knew that on a Tuesday morning a coffee and biscuit deal worked for 65 years olds but on a Friday your best offer is free chicken wings to millennials. Well now you can with Smart Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can Smart Rewards be deployed?

    Typically, the entire set-up and launch process takes as little as 2 weeks.

  • How does data gets shared with retailers?

    All of the customer data get shared with retailers through an interactive dashboard, adjustable to different date ranges.

  • What phones does the app work with?

    Smart Rewards is compatible with any smart phone with iOS 4.4.0 and above or Android 6.2.3 and above.

  • How can customers download the app?

    Customers can download the app easily on AppStore for iOS and on Google Play for Android phones.

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choose your native platform and get started

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